The rules apply to staff and members alike and have been put together so that everyone can have an enjoyable experience playing canasta.

1. Any player's name that could be offensive to anyone will be boxed until it is changed. If your ID is boxed please contact an Admin to assist you in changing your ID.

2. NO PROFANITY, FIGHTING, OR ACCUSATIONS are permitted under any circumstances. If any member of Kanasta Friends is participating in such behavior and fails to cease when requested, or is disrespectful to staff in any way, any TD available will take screenshots of the offensive behavior and forward them to the Admin Team. An Admin will place you in the box for 1 day while the incident is investigated by the Admins. The Admin Team will then set a final punishment.

3. If any member of Kanasta Friends League harass, threaten, use profanity toward or boot a TD, HTD or ADMIN, you are subjecting yourself to removal from this league. Any Admin available at the time will place you in the box for 3 days while the incident is reviewed by the Admin Team. The Admin Team will then set final punishment.

4. Leaving a game or DQ-ing repeatedly when losing is not allowed and if found to be doing either you will be boxed 3 days (1st offense), 7 days (2nd offense), and 30 days (3rd offense). After your 3rd offense you will be removed from league. If you are placed in the penalty box, only the Admin who put you in the box may take you out of the box or discuss the issue with you. The rest of the Admin will only send you to the correct Admin. They will not discuss the issue with you.

5. CHEATING will NOT be tolerated. If you are found to be cheating, you will be dq'ed from the game you are in and placed in the penalty box for 3 days while the incident is reviewed by the Admin Team. The Admin Team will then set final punishment. Anyone accusing (without physical proof such as screen shots) another player of cheating at a table or in the lobby will automatically receive 7 days (first offense) in the penalty box. If you suspect a player(s) of cheating you should message the TD or Admin. If you have proof take screen shots at the table.

Cheaters will receive 90 days, if it's Doubles, Game partner will receive 30 days.

All Players caught cheating will be permanently placed on the no doubles list.

6. Clicking the resign button by members is not allowed in Kanasta Friends League and is a boxable offense

7. Members of Kanasta Friends League are only permitted 1 ID (Identification) per member. Multiple member households are still only permitted 1 ID per member
(3 members = 3 ID's but 1 per member). If you are found to have more than 1 ID in Kanasta Friends League then all but one of the multiple ID's will be removed.

8. Slow play will NOT be tolerated in Kanasta League League. Most full games should last no longer than 60 minutes. Time is set at the end of posting of rounds so all tables will have the same amount of time with the exception of tables missing a player and having a timer set. These table will get the extra minutes to finish. This will be a max of 5 minutes for doubles tables and a max of 10 min for singles tables. If the game is in the last hand at the end of 60 minutes it will be allowed to finish quickly. At the end of 60 minutes if the game is not finished (at least in final hand) the TD will determines who wins either by high score or who was holding up the game. If the TD determines that one player or team was deliberately holding up the game they will give the game win to the other team regardless of score.

9. BRB's (Be Right Back) should be no longer than 3 minutes max. No more than 3 BRB's per player will be allowed in any game. After 3 minutes a timer will be set and stopped upon the players return to play and that time will be subtracted from the 10 minutes they are allowed away from the table.

10. When pairs are up in lobby the first name (singles) or first team (doubles) in pairs gets to make the table. Once the table is made they must type in lobby chat what table they are at. If they do not do this after 3 minutes the second name or team in pairs gets to make the table. The first name or team in pairs will go on timer. If the member wants to IM what table to their opponent that is a courtesy, but not mandatory. But you must put table number in lobby chat.

11. Every new game will start on a fresh table. The person making the table should always make a new table with a new number. It may be the same table for the opponent but the person making the table must be on a new fresh table. Don't click start until everyone is seated at the table.

12. Singles Game Rules

  1. If a player is not in the lobby when a game begins or goes MIA during the game the TD will set a timer and the player has 10 minutes to arrive. If they do not arrive in 10 min they forfeit the game and their opponent advances. If the player is missing at the beginning of the game the 10 minute timer will be set from the posted game start time in the lobby.
  3. When a player is booted from the table the TD will start the timer. When the player returns the TD will stop the timer and announce how many minutes are gone. Each player has a maximum of 10 minutes away from the game.
13. Doubles Game Rules
  1. If, at the beginning of the game, a player is MIA, the TD will give that player 5 minutes to get back to the table before getting a sub. If a player sits in for doubles at the beginning of the game for a MIA player after the 5 minute timer is up, the player who is subbing for the MIA player will be allowed to finish that round unless they want to relinquish their seat to the original MIA player. If the player is missing at the beginning of the game the 5 minute timer will be set from the posted game start time in the lobby.
  3. During the game if a player goes MIA a sub will be gotten right away. There will be NO waiting period if the player goes MIA during the game. If the MIA player returns then the sub will be required to stand and allow the original doubles player to sit and continue with their game. When the player returns the TD will stop the timer and announce how many minutes has been used.
  5. If both players on a team go missing then there is a 10 min timer before game is called. If one player returns you can get a sub after 5 min.
14. What to do if a Table is made Incorrectly
  1. If the table settings are incorrect and there is no posted score, the game is cancelled and a new table with correct settings will be made.

  2. If the table settings are incorrect and there is a score posted, the game will be completed according to the game rules. Example: if the table setting is 2/2/1 for a 2/2/2 game, you will need 2 canastas to go out. If a team goes out without the required 2 canastas it will be considered a DQ.
15. A disqualification (DQ) is a disqualification (DQ) period.

16. No table talking will be allowed. Please be careful what you say at the table as it is easy to do this without thinking. For example: In lucky 6s if your partner asks "Out P?" you should not say "only if you can canasta 6s" only a "YES" or "NO" should be answered to "Out P". If the TD feels you have been table talking your team will be DQ'ed.

17. In Kanasta Friends you will be allowed to play in 3 GAMES AS LONG AS AT LEAST 1 OF THE 3 IS A DOUBLES . If the hosting TD sees that you are in more than 3 GAMES at a time they CAN and WILL remove you from their tournament. If all 4 tourney games are started before the TD notices you are in 4 you will have to forfeit the win in the last league game you entered. If the 4th game is a doubles then a sub will be found and if after the first round you are no longer in 3 other games and your team wins the 4th game you may continue play.

18. INITIAL MELD is the first cards to hit the table on your first turn. Example: If you're playing 747, the 7s have to be one of the first cards to hit the table. You can't meld 8s 5s and 10s and then pause and add the 7s. If the initial meld is not made properly it will be a disqualification.

19. No one, other than TD or Admin, is allowed to watch or kibitz at any table except at TD's request you may watch finals of Battle Specials.

20. In all Auto Win games, when you have the auto win, play must STOP. If you discard you lose auto win.

21. You may not have your SHG messenger on DND (Do Not Disturb) in the lobby. You will not be able to play in any tournaments when DND is on and you will be soft booted from the lobby. Your SHG messenger MUST always show as online so members and staff can message you regarding the tournament (s) you are in. Players cannot play in 2 lobbies at the same time, if caught playing in two lobbies, your game will be forfeited in our lobby.

22. If more than one member lives in the same household and want to play in the same doubles tournament (except tag team doubles) only one may sign up on auto team locator. All other members in the same house must find a partner and sign in as a team.

23. If a member wishes to apply to become a TD, you will need to have been a League member for at least 30 days and have played at least 100 games. To fill out an application, please go to Kanasta Friend TD Application. For more information on hosting: Kanasta Friends TD Requirements

24. COMPLAINTS: Against Admin, HTD, TD or any Member - send complaints to Head Admin Smokediver310

25. Emailing Admin: (Just click on their name)

Head Admin Smokediver310

Admin DiscoDancinDuck

Admin harleyz_angels

Admin itsmedonna


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